New Construction Design Reviews / Title 24

Since 1987, Power Logic has completed more than 3,500 design reviews for new construction and tenant improvement projects. Design reviews are oriented towards developing high performance buildings with reduced operating costs, greater comfort and higher productivity for occupants. Our recommendations help maximize financial incentives provided by the Savings By Design program offered statewide in California by the major utility companies and help to achieve LEED1 certification.

Design reviews include:
  • Evaluation of construction drawings through the design process and development of innovative design alternatives.
  • Title 242 based energy modeling of the building envelope, lighting and mechanical systems and utilization of other software tools to evaluate various alternative design technologies.
  • Recommendations of equipment and designs that are both energy efficient and cost effective.
  • An integrated approach toward improving energy efficiency.
Recommendations for building designs frequently include:
  • Lighting upgrades/modifications/controls
  • Daylighting analysis - optimizing the use of skylights, windows and controls.
  • HVAC upgrades and modifications
  • Glazing upgrades
  • Simple payback, return on investment or life cycle costing as applicable
Our combined experience with energy modeling, energy audits and product knowledge provide building owners the ability to accurately evaluate various design options.

1 LEED – a third party rating system for developing energy efficient and environmentally sound buildings.
2 Title 24 - California energy compliance code for commercial and residential buildings.
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